A Timeless Success Blueprint – Step-by-Step!

When you open the package and are confronted with the fat volume “A Lifetime of Homework" (and get a quick glimpse at the lifetime $100,000 secrets therein) you may just exclaim (or think) "hey – I didn't get ripped-off - Haylings did!"

You will be getting a beautiful success blueprint, my very private secrets, that have worked successfully from 1935 to the present. It has been an endless lifetime venture! A profit march through depressions, wars, unemployment and inflation. A secret that has given me a rich life and stability for 48 years... my whole working life.

My modest fee for this volume wouldn't get you in the doors of a seminar where you wouldn’t learn 1/10th as much. I think you are getting a once-in-a-lifetime BARGAIN!

Let my information surprise you. Don't wait for something else to come along. Forget about the few bucks I am asking. You'll find ways to spend that amount on restaurant meals, snacks, shows, cars, and a thousand other things that we all seem to spend money on. Nice tasty things, frivolous things, luxury things, but nothing that you can build a future on. Skip one or two. It might mean a long road ahead of happiness ... and it is your life up ahead.

Consider just how much a man with my background could ask per hour for consultation: $100, $200, $1000 for a complete session? Information doesn't come cheap if it is valuable information based on SUCCESS and not unproven theory. Consider what the going price would be for a ready-made, established business. Would it be $50,000, $75,000, $100,000? Your local broker would tell you that it could be any of those figures.

So, my asking price for my information doesn't seem very much. At my age, as I have said, it is more ego than profits. I want to go out, fade away, a hero, doing good, and having a beautiful autobiography book that folks will remember me by now, and when I am gone.”

What the plan is NOT

There have been 48 years that have gone by without any complaints. This is hard to believe but it is based on actual factual data. I have really had a good record with the Post Office, the Better Business Bureau, and the Chamber of Commerce.

I can't quote these people, as they try to remain neutral, but you know I wouldn't still be around after a lifetime of customer relations, if my record wasn't a good one.

Now we come to the guarantee. Anyone reading my fabulous success volume and still wanting a refund is not on the right track! This is one time, in my opinion, that the customer will NOT be right! I have given refunds for a lifetime, long before most firms gave them, but I feel different about this final book. I feel strongly about this book and the good in it.

I don't need your money as much as you may need this volume. I can say that at my age… and get away with it… I hope. So, please don't waste your time, or mine either (I don't have that much left) if you really aren't sincere.

If you are just a curiosity seeker, forget me, and good luck elsewhere. If you are disgruntled with life in general, I am sorry. I got to you too late. There will be no crazy, begging guarantees in this brochure. I don't want to hold your check for 30 days or offer some other wild guarantee. However, as usual, I will make refunds for 60 days. I'll depend on the fairmindedness of my readers. I have always left it up to them.“

Publisher’s Note: We have kept George’s original guarantee intact, you get the same protection.

What the plan IS

The Ultimate Work from Home Formula

The plan and concept is amusing, interesting, corny, exciting, unusual, clean, respectable, ethical, precious. The book will show you, the reader, how to make something into a saleable unit that you can sell for the rest of your life... and some of the time it'll cost you nothing, but a small amount of time, to make the change to something valuable and extremely saleable.

Even if you occasionally do a sloppy job, that isn't perfect by any means (I did, at times), you will still be giving your customers full value. I can see no reason why the project will not be around for another 48 years.

In the book I am taking the reader along the same path I took, step-by-step, showing how it all works so easily. The fortunate reader is shown how he can follow the simple outlines and instructions.

I can't promise success, such as I have enjoyed, but you never know what will happen in your particular instance. I was lazy, so some of you are going to do a whole lot better, in my judgment, but you won't beat my endurance record of operating for a lifetime. How can you beat that, unless you live longer? You'll have others doing a lot of the work for you in this plan. And you can have your wife, and even the kids, at times, to help out, if you wish. Because it is mailorder at home, viewing TV while you work, it can be pleasant.

The trick, however, is to have a plan that will make a living for a lifetime... at home! If you have that secret then there is no happier way to work. It is a quiet, "silent" project and so the neighbors won't be bothered. You'll control your resources and product. You'll even have someone else pay for part of your advertising (three quarters of the yearly total).

Paying money for someone else's moneymaking knowledge... particularly when it is based on a lifetime of success with one project... is money invested well. I have a strong feeling that nothing else you will ever buy will return so much!

Skepticism is not a healthy attitude. It is negative and my wife doesn't like negative thoughts or negative people. I have to watch it around her. One can pay dearly for his skepticism if he passes up a good offer. Sure, there are bad ones but even the bad ones can have a few good ideas in them. But be ready for that really good one. I think you are now reading about such a plan.

Anyway, I want happy readers. I am too old to play games. I want appreciation and thanks. Strangely enough, for the few that are hard to please, there is another way in my book for these people to come out of this, smelling like a rose! There are other parts that allow one to reverse all of this and end up with a possible success. Kind of a built-in insurance policy.

No one has ever gotten any tricks out of me and I have been among honest value before some of you were born and before most of you finished school.“

Work from Home a Little, Play Whenever You Want

This book is for you if you have ever wanted to:

A Lifetime of Homework is now available for the first time ever in Ebook format!

That’s right, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for the post office to deliver it to you.

You can get started right away with a digital download. Here are just some of the numerous benefits you will receive when you download your copy today:

The First Moneymaking kit

This wonderful book, now as a digital ebook for instant download, is fully guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Our download servers are always up and running, so you can download your copy and get started now, even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning!

There are so many ebook on the Internet teaching people how

This ebook is different in so many ways. The major difference is that other ebooks use “flash in the pan” technique that get quickly outdated. In fact, the entire “how to make money on the Internet” business is based on the need for their “valuable”information to expire, and be quickly replaced by a new “whizz-bang” program, gadget, gimmick, or tactic. That’s how they keep you coming back for more and spending more money!

Like a car that is made to become obsolete in just 10 years, most Internet ebooks become obsolete almost as fast as they are created. Don’t fall for that ploy!

This book is different in that it outlines a way to create a mail order business that will last you a lifetime, if that’s what you want. It also contains selective Business Opportunities picked by Mr. Haylings.

You can work George’s plan for two years, ten, or fifty, it’s up to you based on how much money you want to make, and how much free time you want to have.

It’s been working for over sixty years, and will continue to work for at least another 60 more. The fundamentals haven’t changed. This philosophy, approach, and plan will always make you money.

No other “how-to” business ebook on the Internet can make that claim!

Is George’s ebook GUARANTEED?

Money Back Guaranteed!

Absolutely. We were granted exclusive rights by Mr. Haylings to continue to sell his book after his death, and we swore to him that we would always fully guarantee the book, and uphold his high standards of customer service. We take that responsibility seriously.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you have a full 60 days to request a refund and it will be granted, no questions asked. And you can keep the ebook as our way of saying “thank you for giving it a fair chance”.

What Do I get When I Order?

George was never flashy, and neither are we. We believe in a fair deal. None of that “limited time offer” or “only 50 at this price” garbage that so many ebook marketers try to get you to believe. You won’t see the price crossed out four times with our “rock-bottom” price with this mail order business plan. The information in a Lifetime of Homework is very valuable, and we won’t give it away for free, but you will get a fair deal.

So when you order, you will get all 256 pages of a Lifetime of Homework with all of its business philosophy, business plans, projects specifics, and George’s promise of a life time of working from home, enjoyably.

And we want you to have the right tools an attitude and mindset for success, so we are including the following bonuses as our way of saying “thank you”.

Three BONUS Ebooks with Every Download of “A Lifetime of Homework”

OverseasOverseas Mailorder MoneyMakers: Would you like to know all about those secrets mailorder operators and businessmen are using in other parts of the world?

Don't think that we "know-it-all." A collection of mailorder success stories from Japan will open your eyes! These Japanese mailorder operators aren't satisfied with $100,000. They go for a million bucks!

New, exclusive, overseas mailorder discoveries, unique local businesses. A powerful array of proven successes! From Tokyo to Hong Kong to Rome to Paris to Berlin to London!


Think and grow richThink & Grow Rich: This book has become one of the all-time best selling books ranking right up there with The Bible!

Napoleon Hill became one of the most sought after speakers in the world. He also became very wealthy, all because he made a sixty second decision.

This book should be in everyone's library to read over and over again during various times of one's life, for the wisdom shared is truly timeless.


The First Moneymaking KitThe First Complete Money Making Kit: While Haylings had a PRIVATE WINNER ALL TO HIMSELF UNTIL HIS RETIREMENT, HE STILL FOUND IT STIMULATING TO LOCATE OTHER OPPORTUNITY PLANS. It was sort of a hobby with him. Most of the material he collected was discarded… in fact boxes of information were thrown out!

If it wasn't a true story and hadn't made a lot of money, it wasn't kept. Mr. Haylings looked at just about every moneymaking opportunity there ever was and now the best of them has been set aside and placed in the 128 page book called “The Complete money making Kit."

These are little-known, unique, exciting enterprises. They are so good that you can pass them on to your relatives, your wife, your grown sons or daughters. They'll thank you for the valuable information. who knows… it could bring in many bushels of dollars.