Dear Reader

I am an unusual man with an unusual lifetime project...someone who has had a great influence on his customers over the years. I am not writing about working a - venture for a year or two...I am writing about a SUCCESS I have had for ALL OF MY LIFE! In this letter I want to tell you about a permanent life style and profits that I have had from the age of 20 to the age of 71. If you are interested in this kind of security ...for all of your remaining years, read on…”

My Incredible Story

I am not going to tell you the same old story that most “plan” sellers tell. You know, the kind where there are bills piling up, the family is practically starving, the breadwinner has experienced his tenth layoff... BUT... the unfortunate one had a magic idea that changed all of this overnight! Well, I don't have that kind of sad story, with a surprise quick-rich ending.

True, I started out during the greatest depression this country has ever known, but things have gone well ever since! The intriguing, profitable, enjoyable venture stayed with me through my single, young, bachelor days, then into my married life, my family years, and finally my golden senior citizen years.

A lot of "plans" are humbug, sad to say. These deals sometime can make one a few dollars, or some profits for a short time, but they aren't LASTING. For me, it has been different. My LIFETIME experience has ALWAYS been profitable!”

A Lifetime of Leisure

I can't offer a sorry tale for my start. I was too young to have such thoughts or woes. True, in the beginning I was living in a tent and on two bucks a week, but I was fairly happy, content with the outdoor California life.

I was young and not very worried about anything. I had no responsibilities. I was single. I got by and gradually eased myself out of the situation. Events followed. It was an easy change, even during the terrible depression. I was successful from the very start! Up until that time I had never had a job and my future would not include any bosses. I was nineteen, almost twenty, when I arrived in California.

Once I tested my idea I seemed to jump right into the project and stayed with it for the rest of my life. I don't have any unhappy tales of struggling, or any failures to recount. I was practically an inexperienced kid when I started and now I am doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING as a 71 year old senior citizen! I guess at this stage of the letter I don't have to tell you that my lifetime experience has been most unusual and most profitable... and probably the only instance of its kind in the world!

As an opportunity seeker, this success story can be of vital interest to you. I tested the format, the idea, a certain kind of mailorder, while living in a tent during the big depression. This is probably the only mailorder home operation in the world with such a lifetime experience for the same individual!”

The Most Stable Business Opportunity Ever!


Humble Beginnings

At the start I didn't have any money. In fact I sold my car for $200 and lived on that $200 for two whole years. $1.50 for food and $.50 for the charging of my battery radio... per week. My education was average and naturally I didn't have much experience in anything. I was a depression kid, camping out.

This was way back in the early 1930's. No one was living in the Pacific Palisades (Calif.) in those days and this was the spot I picked for my camping-out experience. It was an abandoned subdivision then, with weed-filled streets. Yet it was really a kind of paradise, near the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Today, our President and many movie stars have found the place. In those days the only inhabitants were blocks of wild poppies, growing everywhere.

There I was, living in a tent. I had some ideas but no capital. But I did have an Aunt Emily in England, who was corresponding with me. She knew I was broke so she slipped in a few pound notes with a letter. The pound was worth $5 in those days.

My ideas revolved around an unusual enterprise. A test was necessary because it was mailorder. The pound notes were exchanged for dollars and financed the test ad. It was a success and eventually my parents lent me a few more bucks and I was off and running... for the rest of my life!

It was raining. It rained for three weeks. The tent was dark and lit in the daytime with a kerosene lantern. And here I gave birth to the plan that would give me homework for the rest of my life! I wrote it all down, had the brief test I mentioned.

Later, when I started in earnest, I jumped from the $2 a week to $100 a week...and right in the middle of the Depression! The average wage then in California was $25 a week. Wages were lower in California. Back east in Detroit even my Dad was only earning $40 a week as a skilled toolmaker at Packard Motors...and later he was unemployed for several years!”

Achieve Your Financial Freedom

Most of this letter is going to be about my experiences with a lifetime, home operated, mailorder business. But let me pause here and tell you that we probably share a common interest. I have achieved complete financial freedom and permanent security throughout my entire life.

YOU certainly want to have this kind of enviable happiness throughout your lifetime. And why shouldn't my experience be of great help to others... YOU, for instance, who are reading this letter. As you go through my story you will discover that it is quite possible that you can experience this unbelievable lifetime success!

With a book titled "a lifetime of homework" you'll know why my simple system made it possible for me to remain in the same mailorder business for forty-eight years!

*Publishers Note: George liked the term “homework” but he meant “working” from home. We have preserved the title in his honor.

The mailorder concept caught on so well that I was earning $100 a week at the bottom of the blackest depression. My first girlfriend (I was 24 then and a late starter because of the depression) had parents who thought I might be a gangster with that kind of money! I thought that was quite a joke, but they were serious. Today, $100 a week is nothing, due to 48 years of inflation. Of course I have kept pace, have always kept pace, with inflation, enjoying a comfortable lifetime income.

After living in a Hollywood apartment, and working the enterprise there, I decided to be a carefree bachelor and so I bought a house trailer. Off I went to the rich Palm Springs (not so rich in those Depression days) and there I lived for five winters, summering at the high mountain resort of Big Bear Lake (6,600 feet high) for the same five years.

It was a fabulous life, cavorting with the movie stars, living in a winter desert paradise, while the rest of the country was freezing. I could look straight up from the desert floor and view the snow covered top of 10,000 foot San Jacinto…

Most of my celebrity friends didn't know that I was living in a trailer just outside of town, rent free. Of course I didn't try to make as much money then, working out of a trailer, but I got by and had fun.

Keep in mind that everything in this letter...and in the book "A Lifetime of Homework" not “crystal ball” promises. I am writing about my whole lifetime of mailorder success!”

A Depression and Recession-Proof Business Blueprint!

Through times of depression, war, deflation, recession, inflation, my little enterprise sailed along. The waters were rough, indeed. During my 48 years of created homework there has ALWAYS been something, it seems, for the U.S.A. to worry about. Still, George plodded ahead, without a worry. And why not... he started this crazy venture right in the middle of the greatest depression ever known. The big, big one, that lasted from 1929 to 1942... and only ending then because it was replaced by four years of war!

Just one little idea, one format or plan, and George had it made for his entire lifetime! It brought in a handsome living, not for just a year or two, out for a lifetime!! From teenager to senior citizen!

From 16 to 18 I knew enough about the set-up to have started then, and did dabble a bit at that early age. But, I had to finish school first and then came the Depression. But that didn't stop me from thinking more about the idea, and so it later “tested” well at the age of 20, worked out well at 23, did exceedingly well from age 24 to 30. After the war, at 34, I started again in a larger way and from 35 to 71 it got better and better! I never grew tired of the plan and I never looked back!”


Building a Business from an Idea

From an inexperienced young fellow to an experienced, mature senior citizen, I found it not at all difficult to operate, to keep things running smoothly. Surely, you, dear reader, as an interested ambitious person, should fit in SOMEWHERE along the profit trail, experience-wise, ability-wise.

You might say that I started in my "spare time" but I also continued it as a spare time enterprise, most of the time, for the rest of my life! I can't give you the line other publishers use... such as... "I started in my spare time, gradually expanded, then quit my job and went full time." I never had a job to start with.

I started in a modest way, spare time, and really never changed much from that time on. I always had a lot of free time and my profits depended on how lazy I was at the time. Still, it was always a nice living. I lived well as a bachelor, as a married man with two boys, as a senior citizen with three Labradors!”

A Fast Start for Anyone Who Tries

No one ever came to my home, my mountain cabin, my house trailer, my apartment, my beach house, my motel room, my lake house. Nor did I ever have to go anywhere to sell. I wouldn't call it a "get rich quick" scheme, even though I did jump from nothing to a lot of money over the years. It was a fast start, I'll grant you.

I had my afternoons free, and a lot of whole days free of any task, because I had a different kind of mailorder and I knew the necessary tricks to keep it going no matter where I was located, in resorts or back home. It was the start of a happy-go-lucky life that was to follow. Even after I grew older, settled down, got married, had two sons, I still made sure I took off for fun times.

Then came World War II. You won't believe it, but I actually carried on the venture, even while I was in the Army! Can you believe that... but it happened!

I was the Company Clerk, the Morning Report Clerk (shades of M*A*S*H*). So, I had my own office and spare time to continue some parts of the project. When I was discharged, it was back to the same plan, only in a much bigger way, with bigger profits. I now had a wife. Because of the housing shortage and rental shortage after the war, I couldn't find a place. We had to get a motel on the beach in San Clemente, California and there we operated our mailorder venture for about a year before finding a house in Carlsbad.

After the war it was a pleasant life, taking off on little vacations with my two sons, to the mountains, the desert, the lakes and streams and rapids and waterfalls. There were canyons, hiking trails, sand dunes to explore. Horseback riding, boating, mountain climbing, driving the dune buggy over fire trails in the summer, in the mountains, and over the sand dunes in the desert, in the winter. And there were trips to Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe. My wife went along on those luxury trips. Another favorite spot was the Mammoth Lake region, 9000 feet high.

Yes, I have had a long track record. 48 years can add up to a lifetime and it can add up to a lot of money. Even a comfortable living over such a vast number of years can total many millions of dollars... and a sense of permanency and security that was worth a whole lot more!

A lifetime of success is kind of amazing when you stop and think about it! It means... never to have to worry about money, never to have to worry about a lot of things.

A lifetime of financial stability means that the kids will be raised properly, and that they will have more companionship, more close togetherness.

It means that the health of the family will be better, it means that retirement will be active, or lazy, earlier or later, whatever one desires. A steady flow of money for a lifetime can wipe out most problems!”

A Plan for Anyone

My plan is strictly mailorder, although one can use small ads, or no ads. I'll tell you more about the plan. What it is and what it is not... elsewhere in this letter. You'll never leave home, and you can live anywhere. You'll never waste two hours or more on the freeways, going back and forth to a job. These hours will be your "leisure" hours, for morning coffee breaks or early evening "happy hours" at home.

My wife could probably run this business by herself if I ever got sick. As it is, she runs most of it when I take off on my mountain trips to the Lake, one week out of each month. So you can see that it must be simple (no offense, Mary).

I would like to think that all of this (48+ years) has left the world just a little bit better for my many loyal customers... And that my influence will indirectly carry on through you in the next lifetime! I guess I don't have to tell you that my life style and my business style go hand in hand and that everything about us seems to be different from anything you might have run into.

If you take over where I will leave off (I am retiring) you will have different ideas for your personal life style, I am sure. You might want a house on the Mississippi River in the summer time, and a cabin on the Colorado River in the winter time. You’ll have a motorboat that you can take up these rivers for a hundred miles, visiting other towns. Sounds crazy, I know. Maybe this wouldn't appeal to you. There are a lot of great things out there in your lifetime, waiting to be enjoyed. But you have to have security and money to take a chance and go for these crazy things!”

Have Plenty of Time for What’s Most
Important in Your Life

I have a hobby of going out on location with Movie and TV companies... and making movies of them... making movies. It is tough getting in on a location. They can keep you out with studio police and hired state troopers... and they do. Because of my unusual mailorder project I found I could get into those restricted location areas. For some strange reason I was welcomed by the Movie and TV people. So I was able to develop a nice hobby with my little 8 mm movie camera. My magic enterprise made me especially welcome, yet I had nothing to do with the Movie or TV industry.

It was just an outside hobby with me, a fun thing to hang around and watch and shoot pictures. I had the free time to do it, for several days at a time!

As a possible operator of a similar mailorder project, you probably won’t be interested in my unique hobby, but you too may use your extra happy hours for other hobbies and activities.

I point out all of this in order to show you the fringe benefits available in this lifetime enterprise. I did a lot of unusual things (perhaps to the average guy with his nose to the grindstone) but they were really enjoyable activities. More people should have SPECIAL activities of this kind.”


Your New Gateway to the Good Life

Yes, I have been a happy man during all of the years I have been working this mailorder game. I'll have to admit that at times I have taken it easy. I've actually been semi-retired all of my life, really. I remember one chap here in town, back in 1962 when I temporarily retired, saying “... Haylings retired? Heck, he’s always been retired!” I passed up a lot of wealth but I enjoyed the outdoors a lot, the deserts, mountains, lakes, wilderness. I took it easy. The project was kind to me in allowing me to fool around like this for a lifetime!

It is “happy hour” time... every late afternoon, but not for the chap who is fighting the freeway traffic. The man with the created homework can relax with the newspaper. He is already home! I settle down on the floor, with a couch pillow, with my Labrador dogs. I have a glass of wine and some nuts or Wheat Thin crackers. The dogs go for either. I watch reruns of Bewitched or Barney Miller for an hour. The perfect way for me to relaxp. The wage earner spends this hour fighting his way home. This time could be used for relaxing, or a few rounds of tennis or golf.”

This Book Is “Required Reading” for Anyone Serious About Success

No one should even think about going into a home operated business before reading "A Lifetime of Homework." If you are to stay in business, you must have this book.

Practically all new businesses fail during the first 3 to 5 years. The rest of them have to struggle, to constantly change, turn around, scramble, search for new products, look for new locations or new partners, retool, revamp, switch to a new line, abandon old markets, sell out to new owners, merge, etc. Having a system, a plan, that will keep you in the same field and market for a lifetime, is certainly going to be a revelation that'll be worth a fortune to some business starters!”

Having a secret plan that will guarantee a lifetime of security and permanence is really something unheard of in this crazy, changeable world!

The Haylings Secret!

“All of the secrets and methods are in this volume, together with photos, pictures, samples, illustrations. I have taken you into my heart, my home, my business... Have opened up and revealed everything! I am probably giving you something that has never been given before and I am giving you permission to use all of the data in the volume. This is unheard of.

I am going to practically give you your starting inventory... Or tell you where you will get it in the future... free inventory that you can use!

If you do start in with my project eventually, you'll find people look at you with new respect and admiration, particularly the women, when they know what you are doing. As a man I can only tell you that this has been my experience. Yet, what you sell will really go to about 75% men and 25% women. Strangely enough you will probably take on a new appeal with the women (if you are a man). The same might work for the woman operator. She might get admiration from the men.

Your status in the community, at parties, social gatherings, will improve 100%. Yet your enterprise will be entirely separate from your social life and have no connection whatsoever. You may now be saying... "Well, this sounds interesting because I don't like my work and I don't get any respect." This could be a way to bring admiration into your life.

People have shown a new interest in me when they knew what I was doing. Usually they expressed amazement. I found younger women looking me over and listening to my every word ... all because of my unique occupation, which was nice.

Could you do the same? Could you eventually experience that spine-tingling status? Yes, I think so ... if you wanted it. But there are many other fringe benefits. Let's say you like your motor home. Take your business along on your next trip to the wilderness and the trout streams. Whatever turns you on, but live the ENJOYABLE LIFE!

My customers, at the start, in the 1930'S, sent me grateful testimonials. Today, 48 years later, I am still receiving the same appreciative words of praise. That's a record, wouldn't you say? Keeping them satisfied for a lifetime is quite a feat!

Many of my customers have given me repeat orders over a period of many, many years. I don't know of another home enterprise that has this record of customer loyalty! I probably have built up the most dedicated following in the whole world. I have been called "a legend in his own time"... by a few. Generally, over my working lifetime, I have kept a low profile.

I think that this mail order enterprise would allow you, too, to be a fun-loving person with an unusual life style. Who knows what your future could be, with a mailorder business that can be operated anywhere and with a track record of being operable for a whole lifetime! Your future with your family could change.

With more companionship from Dad, the kids might grow up without getting into trouble. Mine did. They both went to college. Neither smokes or was particularly interested in drinking. Neither went into drugs and neither has been in trouble with the police or had any serious car accidents. A few speeding tickets in their teens, yes. Doesn't that sound like my business and life style paid off? I say that it was this home enterprise that gave the family its smooth sailing. And it can be your life style, too.

Operate out of your home for the rest of your life! If you have a job, your security during the rest of your life is but a myth! You are at the mercy of the economy and the company. Independence, lifetime security, permanence, even wealth... cannot be yours... with a salary job. You'll never be able to relax, put tensions and worries aside, until you have an enterprise you can rely on for all of your life!”

Choose Financial Security

There are troubled times ahead. Many of the unemployed will never get their old jobs back. Overseas markets are taking away jobs. This is just the beginning. We haven't seen anything yet! Layoffs could increase. You'll never make a fortune or have any kind of lifetime security with a job, or even with an ORDINARY business, believe me. Family income has been falling behind during the last 10 years.

The economy is on a roller coaster. Economists believe it will shift from inflation to recession to inflation ... a constant shifting back and forth over the years. I know that my book "A Lifetime of Homework" could convince you that you can have a real measure of lifetime security, you can have a buffer against the constant coming and going of troubled cycles. For the average family it is a life where the breadwinner can never really breathe a sigh of relief, or truly feel safe and secure. And this sad, uneasy feeling can go on for a lifetime!”


A Winning Formula

I went through such times, probably WORSE times, way back in the 1930'S. In a way I sometimes felt a bit guilty ... living in the prettiest parts of the U.S.A ... having so few worries. Reading the newspapers during the Depression told me about the unemployment, the cold waves back East, the hunger and misery, the foreclosing on homes. It was a bad news time. It all made me realize how fortunate and unusual my life really was.

There are some successful mailorder operators - but never for a lifetime! And never with the same product, same ads, same enterprise! But it has been done and l am probably the only individual that has done it! You might envy this record, but don't eat your heart out. You just might be able to work a similar project, not for one year, but over and over for the rest of your life!

With this kind of enterprise the income goes on for years and years. You could go on with such a project for say - 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years, depending on how old you now are... but the rest of your working life! You'll probably never read anything like "A Lifetime of Homework"... again. It is so unusual and delightful that I feel that you will want to get into the venture the same day you receive the volume.

Imagine yourself being in my shoes. Having a project that never stopped making money! I quit wondering many years ago just when it would stop. I even retired once in 1962, but got back in again and now I am on the verge of retiring. This time it has to be for real.”

Everything You Need to Succeed

Wouldn't you like to be the owner of such a mailorder set-up? I've been telling you a lot about ME... now we should start thinking about YOU. If you are going into business you should have a business where you don't have to concern yourself with "change", or passing fancies, trends, fads, jaded customers.

But, where can you find such an enterprise? No business will stand the test of a lifetime. There just aren't any around.

Businesses fail, move, change lines, sell out, close because of death. New owners can come and go. A lifetime business in mailorder is unheard of. No dealer has run his ads for 48 years non-stop. No mailorder man has used the same format, same ads, advertising material, same unit or product, same service, for a LIFETIME. So, I am unique, I guess.

It does sound like I am guilty of boasting or exaggeration, but there is no other way that I can tell it. I am stuck with a lifetime of success and I am now retiring and giving the treasure away, so to speak. That is it. I debated on just retiring with my secrets intact. I also considered the selling of them in book form. And I thought about selling my business and secrets outright to ONE party. From this literature you can see which direction I took. It was quite a decision to make. A whole lot of "soul-searching."

The field is immense. My low profile saw to it that I never covered more than a tiny fraction of the market.

But, I won't give the volume “A Lifetime of Homework" away... for peanuts. It is too valuable. It means too much to me. Seeing that it is to be a limited printing, and will probably cost me $20,000 or more to bring this run out, I do want to get my money back. So I am willing to share my secrets, but I am not being magnificent in this offer.

True, I'm sort of following the policy I have always used in my business life. Give a lot and make it the best. But there are other reasons for my not being selfish and just retiring and keeping the secret to my grave. Yes, the ideas could have been sold as a business to one person for a lot of money. It could have been sold at a series of seminars, or through private consultation for several hundred dollars, per person.

The reasons? First, I am finally retiring. Who needs more business and more money at this stage? It is to be a limited printing. Second, I am really doing it for my ego. The old guy wants a BOOK... a nice looking book, a LARGE impressive volume, that I can show to my friends and relatives, my sons. Something I can leave behind as a record of my life's achievements. And last... something that I can pass on to my readers, some of whom will carry on with the same format. The money from the book sales will be quick and soon spent, but I will have done myself some good and some of my readers some good.

*Publishers Note: This incredible book is now being offered in ebook format for immediate download because we know George would want it to be available to as many people as possible in these difficult economic times.

You too may follow me along the same path and contribute to your customers and society in the same meaningful way. And so it will go on. Some of you will be carrying on with the plan... after I am dead... for another lifetime! I know nothing can hold you back if you have the right idea, the right successful business plan, but it mustn't be a "spoon-fed" plan.

I want the reader to add his own imagination to what I have already done. You don't HAVE to do that... but I want you to do so... to make the format even better during the next 48 years! And anyone can do just that if they make the effort. My plan has a way of stimulating the mind, the imagination, the hidden creativity, in the average man. You'll be surprised when you see it doing the same for you!”

What do people who have already purchased the book think about it? You can read it yourself...

“I am a professor in the Pepperdine University School of Business and Management. I have often shared your publications with students when I discuss small business ventures… several of them have taken your ideas into profitable businesses.”
-Richard Reirdan, Van Nuys, CA

“I am enjoying the book tremendously, hypnotic reading that a person has to
keep on reading because it’s so interesting, just can’t seem to stop.”
– Leon Misiolek, Costa Mesa, CA

“Although I haven’t gone though it cover to cover, I have already spotted some
business ideas I can use… it’s a really great business book to own.”
– Grifakel Printing Svc’s, New York , NY

“Your material has been of great value to me in establishing
a profitable …business”
-Dr. James Stoneman, Elkton, OR

“I have read and re-read your book and it is truly a treasure.”
– Donald O. Hayen, MD, Oceanside, CA

“I would like to add my praise to that of others. Your philosophy of life and your
success in living according to those tenets is an inspiration to your readers”
-William Stucki, Manchester, MI

“I spent a few hours last night at the beginning of the book and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts, your honesty, and your willingness to tell HOW you did it. You answered several questions I have had.. and filled in spots I needed to fill in. Everyone boasts how their book tells all but YOU TELL ALL, and you
tell HOW to do it; the others don’t!”
-Paul Kampf, Oklahoma City, OK

I recently purchased your fabulous book, A “Lifetime of Homework” and consider it to be a masterpiece – just great! You have convinced me while reading your book
you have the solution to my problem.”
–George Krug, College Park, MD

“Everything you said, works!”
-Joe Huisinga, Denison, IA

“You put all kinds of treasures in your book which I appreciate very much. There were some nights that I read well past midnight even though I had to get up at 6AM to go to work.” - Phyllis Dutchak, Toronto, Ontario

“In the last seven years I have ordered every book ever written on mailorder.. I think it is the best ever written.. none can compare to yours”.
- Unknown

“I recently bought your ebook and I love it! My whole attitude toward my business changed the first night of reading the material. I put some of your concepts into action the first week and now after three weeks am already receiving very positive results.”
– Wendell J.D. Houston, Houston ,TX

“I have already read your book, but like it so much and consider it so valuable
that I am ordering another just in case one gets lost. You have given
thousands of people around the world a dream to hold onto”
– Grant “Ed” Hoffman, St. Paul, Minnesota


The Reviews

“At 71, I am not about to change and go in for a lot of stupid nonsense. So forget about rip-offs. Think happy, and positive! It just could be that destiny led you to this unusual volume... "A Lifetime of Homework." I am heading for retirement, regardless of whether you trust me and my book, or not.”

Here Are Some Advance Letters Of Praise

My volume is new so I am not going to dwell on testimonials. My own record of 48 years in business with one successful enterprise is testimonial enough.

Here are some typical letters from the customers of my lifetime project

The World's First “No-Obstacles” Business System

Does my experience, since 1932 - 1985, mean anything? Does the knowledge I have picked up during 48 years mean anything? Does the fact that I have discovered a no-obstacle system mean anything? Well, you get it all rolled up into a neat package, complete.

It is almost like serving you success on a silver platter. I'm not, of course. I can't promise that, but it sure seems darn close, to me. I think it is one of the last ways to make a fortune or a steady income for a lifetime. I am giving the "works"... holding nothing back. Everything has been proven, which is putting it mildly. 48 years of success is really "proving it", I would say.

I am giving away a piece of my life! Really! Actually giving you the intimate secrets of my lifetime home business!

Things, I am sure, I would never have told in the past. Now it is the end of the trail for me ... so why not? Still successful to the very end... many of you are to "inherit" a good part of this lifetime success!”


Cordially, George Haylings

P.S: The moment you open this book, you’ll intuitively know that you have given yourself an incredible gift that will last you a lifetime.


It is ironic that George talks about how he flourished during the Great Depression. Our current recession is being spoken of as the most serious recession since that time.

Iit seems particularly appropriate that we release A Lifetime of Homework at this time – to help people like you liberateyourself from the low paying job that holds you back. If you don’t have a job because of the recession, it will give you relief in the form of a low cost business venture that you can parlay into a fortune, with a little bit of work and a ‘whole lot of fun!

You know, people argued with George that he should change the title of his book to something that talks more about how little he actually worked, something like “A Lifetime of Leisure”. But he wasn’t having any of it. In modern times the term "homework” makes people think of school homework, and all of the negative connotations that term carries with it. Who wants homework? No one!

But what George meant by “homework” was running a highly profitable business from the comfort of your own home, and enjoying all of the benefits of working for yourself.